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Why Choose Bob & Brad?

Rehabilitation Made Simple and Effective

Choose the Bob and Brad Knee Glide for trusted rehabilitation due to its simplicity, effectiveness, and versatile design, backed by the expertise of Bob and Brad. It offers convenient home use with clear instructions, aiding in joint strength and mobility for knee and shoulder recovery.

Recover with Confidence

Knee Glide: Trusted Joint Recovery




Quality and Origin

Proudly made in the U.S.A., ensuring high standards of manufacturing and quality control. Its maximum dimensions (with handle unfolded) are 32" L x 5" W x 5 ½" H, providing a compact yet effective rehabilitation tool

Home Exercise Instructions

Comes with exercise instructions specifically tailored for use at home, ensuring that individuals can effectively perform their rehabilitation exercises outside of the clinical setting

Convenient and Versatile

Easy to Transport, Wall Attachment, Diverse Exercises

Joint Strength and Mobility

Regular use helps build joint strength in the knees and shoulders, improving overall mobility and range of motion. It also aids in increasing blood flow and promoting synovial fluid production, which reduces joint friction

Simple yet Effective

A straightforward and user-friendly approach to rehabilitation. Easily move back and forth along the track with minimal effort, facilitating low-impact exercise.

Purposeful Invention

Developed by Bob & Brad to address the rehabilitation needs of individuals recovering from knee or shoulder surgery or injury, including knee replacement, hip replacement, shoulder replacement, stroke, and arthritis

Empowering Joint Recovery and Mobility

Achieve joint recovery and mobility with the trusted Bob and Brad Knee Glide. Developed by renowned experts, this rehabilitation tool offers effective low-impact exercises to strengthen knees and shoulders and improve range of motion. With its portability, clear instructions, and focus on joint health, the Bob and Brad Knee Glide ensures a successful rehabilitation journey. Choose the confidence of the Bob and Brad Knee Glide for joint recovery.

Joint Revival




Customers love the Bob & Brad Knee Glide

Real results, real people

Dave H.

Had a total knee replacement on Feb 23. My rehab began two days later. I used this slide during rehab and continue today. Helps a lot because movement of the leg is really important. Money well spent (at least for me). You must be in a sitting position (don't stand on it) to use the product


Amazing, smart, love it! I started using this as soon as I received it about two weeks before my total knee surgery. I watched a Brad and Bob video. I can say now, 2 1/2 weeks out after my total knee surgery that I love it. I use it at least 4 times a day and will continue to use it for my other knee. Was a little spendy but well-made and well worth it.

Amazon Customer

I honestly cannot imagine not having this device after my total knee replacement surgery. If you are getting your knee replaced this is a must. The physical therapy exercises after knee replacement are hard and painful. This helps immensely. One other side note, I’m short, and this just gives me an extra little boost to reach the floor easier.


I just had right knee replaced. Pain was much worse than I had anticipated. When my PT said pain was the only thing stopping me from bending my knee, I started using this and really pushed myself. You could also use a plastic bag to slide your knee but this is so much better. Also, you can have someone hold the position of your foot while you let the knee relax and then push yourself a little further.


My wife purchased this to help with her recovery from a total knee replacement. As with all things from Brad and Bob, this is an excellent product and works well.


Just had knee replacement surgery last week. I didn't want to try the knee glide until my visiting physical therapist saw it today. He was impressed. He likes how the angle can be adjusted and it can also be used for shoulder therapy. The therapist wants to buy one for himself.


I purchased this for "Prehab" therapy in preparation for a total knee replacement. I brought it to my PT appt and asked my therapist if this was acceptable to use for leg slides in lieu of a towel. He watched me do 2 sets of leg slides and called over the other therapists to see the device and watch how much easier it was to slide my bad knee back and forth My therapist said this will be very helpful after my knee surgery for rehab as well. The Director of the facility was so impressed with this device that they are ordering several for the business. Very pleased with my decision.


Had total knee replacement. This will help increase your ROM much faster. PT is only three times a week, you can help yourself improve much faster with this device.

A Turn

After coming home from surgery I started using this every time I got up to the bathroom because sitting or sleeping makes you so stiff! I I do this 2-3 times a day I’m bending at 90 degrees on day 7. I went to the doctor today and he was blown out of the water because of my ROM!! I even use it at my puzzle table so I’m still moving it while sitting. Move-It, Move-It!!👏🤗


I bought this as part of my preparation and recovery from my second knee replacement. I used it occasionally before surgery. Since surgery, I have used it twice now. It does help you move/bend your knee in a fluid manner. I haven't challenged my knee's ability to bend yet since I still have staples in the incision. As my recovery progresses, I plan to be using it more and I hope the benefit becomes more clear to me.


Works great with building strength in the knee before and after knee surgery.

Betty W

Love this machine. Used it after knee replacement. Helped a lot.

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