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Why Choose Bob & Brad?

Grip Like Never Before

Choose Bob and Brad for top-tier hand grip strengthening. With years of fitness expertise, they've designed a comprehensive kit with adjustable resistance, ergonomic comfort, and smart counting. Whether you're recovering or enhancing performance, trust Bob and Brad for effective results.

Stronger Hands, Stronger You

Get Results with Bob and Brad's Innovative Kit




Enhance Performance

Elevate grip strength for improved performance. Ideal for recovery, skill enhancement, and overall hand fitness.

Suitable for All

Versatile for all ages and genders. Enhances finger flexibility, palm grip, and arm strength. Perfect for athletes, musicians, and more.

Ergonomic & Portable Design

Comfortable ergonomic handle crafted from durable silicone. A portable bag enables training anywhere, anytime.

Comprehensive Kit

All-in-one package for holistic hand fitness. Includes adjustable hand strengthener, finger stretcher, exerciser, guide, grip ring, and stress relief ball.

Injury Rehabilitation

Ideal for recovery and managing conditions like arthritis and carpal tunnel. Boosts hand, wrist, and forearm power and flexibility.

Adjustable & Smart Counting

Easily adjust resistance (11-132 lbs) for tailored workouts. Built-in counter eliminates manual tracking, allowing focused training.

Say goodbye to weak grips

Get your Bob and Brad Hand Grip Strengthener Kit today and experience the transformative benefits of enhanced grip strength and hand functionality. Elevate your workout routine, improve your daily tasks, and achieve more with stronger hands and forearms.

Grip Strength Perfected




Customers love the Bob & Brad Hand Grip Strengthener Kit

Real results, real people

Austin G.

Works as expected. All items have a "high-quality" feel to them. Would absolutely recommend for anyone looking for forearm/hand strengthen exercises.

Guy F

This is going to help me to make my grip strong as part of my therapy. Would recommend it.


I use this sitting in front of the tube. Range of resistance is huge. It provides "no excuse" for not doing the work.

George T

I thought that you get a good range of products to strengthen different aspects for your hands. The product quality feels high and the price point is a great one. The convenient bag that they send is great for storing the products and keeping everything together.


I bought this for myself to help strengthen my hands. I loved it so much that I bought one for my 87-year-old mother too! After using the tools for about a week, I noticed that my hands were getting stronger. My mother can’t use all of the tools in the kit now, but because it has many items, she can use what works best for her. She even brought the bag to her physical therapist and asked his opinion, he thought it was great and encouraged her to continue using what she could at home. The storage bag is very handy and keeps all the items together in a neat package.


I needed a replacement for my kit and this one is just perfect, very sturdy and it feels good quality plus the counter is a great addition to it.


This works great! I broke my hand yrs ago and every few months or so the lower half of my right hand wants to migrate up and these help greatly and I especially love the adjustable aspect. Plus the customer service is outstanding! Highly recommend.

Ivan F.

It’s very light, easy to handle, perfectly serves the purpose.

Amazon Customer

Quality made, ingenious design, easy to use. From day 1 I noticed an improvement in my hand functions. Now I don’t have to call my husband to open jars for me. Helps me be more independent. Didn’t realize how little I was using those muscles, good for early arthritis treatment.

William C

A good purchase. The counter on the large grip strengthener was defective. I contacted their staff and they promptly provided a replacement item. Very pleasant and professional!

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