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Bob & Brad Grip & Forearm Strengthener


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Why Choose Bob & Brad?

Crush Your Goals

Choose Bob and Brad for your grip and forearm strengthener to benefit from the expertise of experienced physical therapists who provide evidence-based solutions. Trust their quality products and commitment to improving your health and well-being.

The Ultimate Grip Training Tool

Bob and Brad's Strengthener Is a Game-Changer





One year warranty


Developed by Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck, the two most “famous” physical therapists on the internet

Durable Material

A well-made and rugged tool that comes fully assembled.

Dynamic Spin Fit

A metal bar with grip attachments on both ends is connected to four exercise tubes using a unique solid center piece, enabling the handles to rotate during workouts

Strengthen Wrists

Perform resistance exercises to strengthen the wrist into four distinct directions (radial, ulnar, flexion, and extension)

Strengthen Fingers

Perform resistance exercises to strengthen the fingers into flexion

Transform Your Grip Strength with the Bob and Brad Forearm Strengthener

The Grip and Forearm Strengthener from Bob and Brad is an essential tool for anyone looking to improve their overall grip strength and forearm muscle development. With regular use, this strengthener can enhance performance in various activities such as rock climbing, golf, and even day-to-day tasks that require a strong grip.

From Weak to Wow




Customers love the Bob & Brad Grip & Forearm Strengthener

Real results, real people

Amazon Customer

The order was delivered fast and I am glad to say that it's well done in addition to being solid


Great product very good for all things arm strength related.

Watch and Learn


Best Wrist & Grip Exercises With Resistance Bands

Weak Grip? Weak Wrist? Single Best Exercise to Strengthen FAST!

Brand NEW Grip and Forearm Strengthening Exercise- You Have Never Seen!

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