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Why Choose Bob & Brad?

Proven Rehabilitation Excellence: FitGlide

Choose the Bob and Brad FitGlide for a versatile and safe rehabilitation experience backed by 60 years of treating patients. With its durable construction, portability, and targeted exercises, it's the ideal choice for recovering from surgeries or injuries, providing convenience and effective recovery.

Stay Active and Safe

All-in-One Rehabilitation Solution




Convenient and Ready-to-Use

Lightweight and fully assembled device for portability and immediate use at home or on the go

Seated Incline Quadriceps

Target and build quadriceps muscles using the incline feature for added intensity

Seated Knee Flexion

Improve knee mobility and strength with controlled seated exercises

Seated Incline Hamstring

Strengthen your hamstring muscles while comfortably seated

Safe and Effective

Ideal for injury prevention, rehabilitation, and low-impact exercises without the risk of falling

Versatile Rehabilitation

Perform targeted exercises for knee replacement, ACL or PCL surgeries, hip replacement, fracture, or stroke recovery

Experience Low-Impact Exercise at Home with Our Easy-to-Use Device

Recover faster and stronger with our exercise and rehabilitation device. Stay active and prevent injuries with safe, low-impact exercises at home. Try it for convenient, effective recovery.

Accelerate Recovery and Rebuild Strength




Customers love the Bob & Brad FitGlide

Real results, real people


Super light. Arthritis people can move very easily. Great workout and can be elevated for stuffer workout. When I get my knee done this will be perfect with rehabbing. I love to pay back for all the free physical therapy videos on YouTube bob and brad the most famous pt guys on the internet. Buy one you won't be disappointed.


I bought this after watching the video. This has been an asset for Pre-hab and now rehab. Three home health care workers who've been outstanding in aiding my knee replacement recovery, each photographed this slider and planned to purchase for their therapy center. It's been a significant investment.

C McCafferty

I bought this so I could get exercise at home without going to a sweaty gym during Covid. I fall a lot. Like missing a step, dumb stuff. I’ve had several falls outside on ice and snow while walking. I’m deathly afraid in winter. Plus there is the -20 temps in the Midwest. This has been a godsend so I can exercise indoors.


Purchased the Dual Fit Glide on the recommendation of Bob & Brad, Physical Therapists on YouTube. I feel like this tool is helping to strengthen my quads and hamstrings. Would recommendation.


I ordered this for my 90 year old father. He loves it. It’s great for his knees. He typically does 500 reps each day.

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The FitGlide – What You Should Know

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