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Bob & Brad

MAY 13, 2021


Chris graduated from Butler University College of Pharmacy in May of 1995. He notes that he came into pharmacology in a somewhat backwards fashion. With a desire to help people, Chris was on his way to becoming a psychologist. At the same time, he was taking several bioscience classes. Chris reports: I had an old Army colonel for a physiology professor who asked me point blank, “Boy, what are you doing?” Stunned at this question, I asked, what do you mean? He simply said, “What are you planning on doing with your life? You are taking all of these life science courses, what are you taking them for?” I did not have an answer, but I said I want to help people. He paused, and said, “Have you thought about being a pharmacist?” And that conversation was the first step in taking me where I am today.

Chris has been happily married for 25 years and has two wonderful kids. Over the years, Chris has watched his kids participate in a variety of activities, and although he enjoys watching pro football and hockey, he says his favorite athletes on the planet just call him dad.

Chris. himself enjoys anything active, particularly triathlons, biking and swimming. Brad and Chris began riding or swimming every Saturday, where they developed a great friendship over the years. In August of 2020, Chris joined the Bob & Brad Team, bringing a wealth or pharmaceutical knowledge to their YouTube channel.